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Orchestral Rock

where band geeks and bands collide

orchestral rock
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In the quest to find a community about Evanescence and oboes, Erica C and Emily M came up short. But instead of being defeated, with their powers combined they made Captain Planet!...erm...This wonderful community.

Orchestral Rock, Where band geeks and bands collide, is a lovely little corner of Livejournal where anything about music can be said. Speak to your hearts desire! Though, I admit, there are a few rules [bear with me]:
Firstly: There isn't a terribly specific topic to this community, but don't go posting a picture of a pink cactus or your fish or anything. The band that will be most regularly talked about is Evanescence, like it or not. But that doesn't mean you can't talk about something else - it's all open territory, just have fun with it.
Secondly: It'd be nice if entries were musically related. It's okay to go off-topic ocassionally, but that doesn't mean you can cross-post every single entry in your regular journal. If that happens, the Mods will take action and it won't be a fun action like duck-duck-goose.
Thirdly: As of now, entrance and submissions to the community is open to everyone, as long as the rules are followed, but if we start getting asholes arguing about their favorite band or which instrument is better, I'll bust your ass on it and you'll be banned. I don't want to have to moderate entries because that's more work for Emily and me.
Fourthy: Please...none of those "This one time, at band camp..." stories - those got old three years ago.
Lastly: You community whoring is cool, so long as it's not excessive. If you're in a band and want to whore that name around a bit, go for it, just don't take up half the page with your band's name.

Show and Concert reviews are cool with us too, so those are always welcome.

Your current mods are starlitslumber and tearsthrusunday, any questions about anything, feel free to ask. Any suggestions or fun stuff like that can be emailed to disturbedone710@hotmail.com .