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Okay, well, I've joined. Obviously. XD
Right now I'm homeschooled, but when I was in public school I was in band for a few years. I play flute. 'Cause it's fun. :D wee. >.<; I still want to be first chair so bad. The highest I've ever been was 3rd chair, 2nd chair if Kayla or Tori were absent. XD haha. I knew how to play piano, but I stopped practicing and forgot. I'm trying to teach myself again. O.O; I'm learning guitar too... woot.
Yea. I'm here... talking about myself...
I'm weird.
If you've ever looked in my user info, my communities, you're probably confused if I'm an Evanescence fan or not. I'm a fan who likes to make fun of Amy. o.o; She annoys me sometime, well not always just her, how mainstream has made her the "only member of Evanescence". *twitch* Ok. I'm done. You guys are probably like, "Shut up. Now." XD So, okay, shutting up.
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