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Ahoy hoy!

Ahoy hoy dudes! This be your other mod Emily M! (Eh just call me Emily...It's all good!) I'm alive and home from death camp...erm...Sunshine Week for drum corps. I'm marching with Jersey Surf this summer so if you like drum corps, and we're in the area, come and watch! So you got the whole kit-n-kaboodle of info about this community from Erica. So really you can talk about concert band, marching band, drum corps, orchestras, bands you like to listen to (ex: Evanescence). Talk about anything you want as long as it's related to music in someway. When you join give us a little bit of info about yourself. Don't be shy! We don't bite...too much...(Teasing teasing!) Anywhoo I have to make a semi-update on my journal seeing as I've been gone for the past ::counts:: 11 or so days...Holy crap...Anywhoo hope you dudes enjoy your stay here! Guaranteed good times!

Emily *^^*
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