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Hey guys! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! I thought y'all would enjoy this. Last October, my friend and I were into writing Evanescence band parodies. This one is entitles "Oboe" after the song "Hello." It talks about the pains every oboist feels when their reeds just suck.


Emerald reeds break, again,
That piece of crap split, again,
Has no one told you it's not playing, oboe
Let me see, I think it's only the reed, oboe

I tried a new reed, but yet
This one sounds worse, but yet
Don't try to fix it it's not broken, oboe,
It's supposed to sound like a duck died, don't cry

(instrumental break)

Suddenly I know it's not working! Oboe!
Oh god why!
It was working yesterday!

(Lyrics by Emily Monahan)

Tada! Hope you guys liked it! I have more parodies to come!
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