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concert report

alrighty then! Since I don't want to see this community die, I'm up for a connecticut concert report...even though...I may be the only connecticut person here. All well, if anyone's got anything to add, feel free. Drop in your state's stuff and we can get ourselves up an running again!

So here's what the hell is going on in the Ct area:

Friday, August 13 at: 8:00:00 PM Saliva / Earshot Webster Theatre-$ 13.50

Tuesday, August 17 at: 8:00:00 PM Killswitch Engage Toads Place

Friday, August 20 at: 2:00:00 PM WCCC Rock Expo Family Picnic w/ Static - X / Breaking Benjamin / Nonpoint / Soil / Trust Company / Burning Brides / Arithmetic of War Meadows Music Theatre NOW! $ 10.00 **

Sunday, August 29 at: 8:00:00 PM WCCC Presents Judas Priest and Lacuna Coil Mohegan Sun Arena $ 45.00

Saturday, September 18 at: 8:00:00 PM Hatebreed Toads Place $ NA

Saturday, September 25 at: 7:30:00 PM Steve O. "Don't Try this at Home" Tour 2004 with cast of Jackass, Wild Boys & Viva La Bam Webster Theatre NOW! $ 22.50

**The Wccc rock expo is $10 for guys, but chicks get in free at the gate the day of the show. Dont' ask just is :)

If you need info on how to get your concert report, check local radio station websites. They've usually got something about concerts and stuff in that area. There's more stuff around here, I just haven't had a chance to look it up. If I knew where everyone was from, I could grab that stuff for you :)
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