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Farewell for now!!!!!!

Ahoy hoy! This be Emily here. I leave for tour with my drum corps (Jersey Surf) tonight. I'm gonna stay in Jersey until Saturday night (Our home show is on Saturday) and then I leave for...Um...Everwhere in the stinkin country!

Show schedual:

7/24- Summer Classic, New Brunswick, NJ
7/27- Competition, Jackson, TN
7/28- Competition, VanBuren, AK
7/30= Comepetition, Oklahoma City
7/31-Competition, Salina KA
8/1- Competition, Pueblo, CO
8/3- DCI Div. II & III Prelims (Denver, CO)
8/5- DCI Div. II & III Finals (Denver, CO)
8/7- DCI Div. II & III "Grand Championships" (Denver, CO)

Then Sunday I'm takin' the train home so I get back on the 10th. I'll miss you guys!

Always rock the freak on!
Emily M *^^*
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